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Debit order

Your service today has been utterly disgraceful. I sent you guys 3 emails about my account but all i get back is auto reply giving me numbers i must call. You dont care about your customers only about getting your monthly fees and transaction fees. I will be closing my account today because of your utter nonsense. You font help your customers all you do is give them alternatives. Our money aint safe in your bank. Anybody can just deduct money without standard bank authenticating it with its customer.
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I feel your anger. This is happening to me too for six months now. The unauthorised debit orders just last week set me back R 500 +. I made queried to STD bank & trust me they do respond however seems that the only way they are able to deal with this is if they pass it on to the client to be the one to monitor his/her acc. Its annoying calling in every-time but hey its better that atleast within 24hrs they reverse ( without charge). Not sure in situations where you do not have money in the account? what then. But up until they find a permanet effective solution to this through Debi-Check and put a stop to this Naedo debit failing system ( by the way all those scams are referenced as naedo debits), then maybe the future looks good for this type of fraud prevention. My advice , use the app to check your statement atleast weekly and take time to call in for a reversal. I know its tideous but for now that is your only option.
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I understand your frustration, Debit Order fraud is a distressing experience, especially as it affects clients from all banks. To deal with this, local banks have jointly launched the DebiCheck service.

 Standard Bank will assist you to Reverse, Stop or Investigate any account Debit Orders. Should you pick up any irregularities, you can let us know by calling 0860 123 000 (as we need to ensure we are assisting the right person) or by visiting any branch for help with this.

To monitor your account, you can either use Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App (now with DebiCheck integration) and also enable MyUpdates, to receive real-time alerts for transactions on your account.

Please also see this  blog that explains your options in more detail. Should you need additional assistance please call us or send an email to [email protected].

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Please be advised that you can now reverse unauthorised debit orders on the online banking platform, as well as, the mobile banking app. Please visit: for more information on how you can reverse your unauthorised debit orders on the online/internet banking platform, as well as, for mobile banking app reversals.


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