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Lotto using USSP isn't working

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Hi, I've tried playing lotto a few times using *120*2345# but it isn't working.

I've gotten up to the "transaction processed, you will receive an sms..." message but then nothing happens from there. No sms, no transaction, no notification. It has never been successful.

I've checked the terms and conditions for playing lotto with standard bank and I am over 18, I am using a debit card, not a credit card, I have enough airtime to use the USSP services and I have never played lotto with the bank before (I've barely played lotto at all) so I don't see how they could have "blocked me if they see fit" as stated in their t's & c's if that is in fact the case (but I doubt it). So I have no idea why this isn't working.

Is there any other way to play lotto with standard bank?

Any suggestions? Please help.
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