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Community Coordinator
Hi Fanie4.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Please take some time and share the information we will require from you so we can assist in switching from SMS to email.

We look forward to your email so we can assist further.

Standard Bank Team
New Member

Thank you for this information.


Allthough it doesn't work. I can't make payments because I am out of the country and can't receive any SMS's. Thus my SMS OTP does not come through. And to change this to email, I am following your steps both on app and browser and also can't do it because it promts me to go to my nearest branch. This is not possible as my nearest branch is thousands and thousands of km's away!

Please give an alternative to this solution.

Community Coordinator

Good day @abroadannoyed.


Thank you for reaching out.


You can now change the OTP from SMS to email thanks to a new functionality.


"Manage OTP preference" is a profile setting available on both the mobile app and Internet banking.


To utilize this feature, please make sure that you are logging in with your QR code.


Here are the steps to use Internet banking to access it:

  • On your landing page
  • click your user ID, or preferred name
  • select profile and settings
  • select manage otp preference

Please perform the following steps on your mobile app:

  • On your mobile app landing page
  • click more
  • click your user ID/email, or preferred name
  • click personal details
  • click OTP preference

Should you have any issues, please do get in touch with us on our email [email protected], reach out to us via Twitter on StandardBankZA, Facebook on Standard Bank - South Africa or call us on 0860 123 000 option 3 then 4.


Kind regards,


Standard Bank Team.

Occasional Visitor

I am absolutely exhausted with the bank not being helped for years now I have been living abroad and have been unable to access my internet banking because I don't use my old phone number and so I don't have a number to send a OTP , I have asked Standard bank and called multiple times using ridiculous amounts to call your agents to help move my OTP to my email but no one has helped and I cannot get myself or anyone to go to branch. , i cant add my card on the app and i've already sent that sbsa email numerous emails , I feel like you've scammed me because i dont understand how i havent been able to get help in 3 years AND THERES NO OPTION TO SELECT MY OTP PREFERENCE ON THE APP

Community Coordinator

Hi sauhatsewilliam,


Thank you for getting touch 


If you are not receiving your one-time-PIN (OTP) via SMS, then there may be a problem with the details that we have on record for you. Please visit your nearest Standard Bank branch to confirm the cellphone number that we should have on record for you.




Standard Bank

New Member
My name is William Sauhatse i got an standard bank app problem not receiving OTP on my email. Please help

Hello, Jim! We are pleased to have you here.


There is a feature that allows you to switch your OTP from SMS to email, and in order to be able to do so, you need to be registered for DigiMe.


You can access the "Manage OTP preference" feature under your settings on the Internet Banking which will allow you to toggle between SMS and email.


If you have any further questions or require further support, please contact us at [email protected], on Twitter at @STANDARDBANKZA, on Facebook at Standard Bank South Africa, or by phone at 0860 123 000, options 3 and 4.


Kind regards,


Standard Bank Team

New Member
I want to change from email address to cell number.
Community Coordinator

Hi @trinitymaj.


We value your communication with us.


You can chat with us in a number of ways.


Here are a few examples:

  • You can contact us by phone at 0860 123 000 and choose options 3 and 4,
  • or you can send an email at [email protected].
  • Additionally, you can access the message assistance center by logging onto your mobile app and choosing it under the help section.

One of our bankers will be available to you live.


We hope to hear from you shortly.


Kind regards


Standard Bank Team.

New Member
Don’t you have any plat form to chat
New Contributor
How possible is it that I only log in using my prints and code
New Member

I have the same problem. I don't have access to a cell phone but have wifi. Can I change my OTP to email via Skype? Whatsapp call?

Community Coordinator

Good Morning,


The best way to resolve this is to email us your initial query on this with your account details for us to intervene. Please email the details here: [email protected] using the subject line "OTP/Cummunity Query"




New Contributor
My email address is registered to receive OTP however I'm not getting the email for transacting....My card was registered for international transacting...pls advise
New Contributor
Every time I log in Std Bank Mobile app, it asks for my number to which the OST number has to be sent. When I provide my number it's actually decline what must I do for you to accept my number and send me the OST?
Occasional Contributor

Good Day,


Im in Liberia and dont received my OTP number on my phone via sms, because i cant received any sms. I would like to know if you can change my sel number to my e-mail address, so that i can received my OTP number via my e-mail, my e-mail address is [email protected], I spend so much money on several calls, but no one can help me. I also try to do secure message but still send a OTP number to my phone via sms. Please can you help me. I cant do any internet bankings, and must pay my flat every month.

Community Coordinator



You need to call our general banking line (0860 123 000) to switch from receiving your OTP on your mobile number to your email address. However, the email address needs to be already register in your files with us. If it is not. You will need to go to a branch for assistance. 



 Standard Bank Team

New Contributor
In a different country and not using my registered mobile number. Can I still send money using the app? I can't receive the OTP as I'm not using the registered number in the country I am in. Is there any other way to send money ? Can I receive the OTP via email?
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