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How do I get a proof of payment for the money I sent to someone using the App?
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Hello @Spitjo,


Please be advised that you can only get proof of payment on the mobile app while the transaction is still in play. This means that while you busy going through the steps to issue the payment, you will get an option to input your email address, to which the proof of payment will be sent to. Should you miss this step and not input the email address, you will be unable to get the proof of payment via the mobile banking app and only have the option to either download, print or send proof of payment on the Internet Banking platform. Kindly follow these steps to download, print or send proof of payment on the Online Banking Platform:


  • Log on to the Internet Banking portal with your email address and password,
  • Select "Transact" at the top of your portal display,
  • Under the "History" dashboard, select "Proof of Payment",
  • Browse through your transactions and select the one that you need proof of,
  • Select "Proof of Payment" under the transaction, towards your right,
  • At the top right corner of your portal display, you'll have the option to download, print or save the proof of payment - select the option that you require.


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