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Root of Conjure by Prophet Khalid +27634238939|Hoodoo

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Root of Conjure by Prophet Khalid +27634238939|Hoodoo is traditional African American Spirituality that focuses on Changing conditions by Supernatural intervention . Help you with common life issues such as love and relationships, Career, failing Businesses, Soulmate connections, dating issues, marital life problems, cheating and affairs, break-ups, and divorce. ETC

Prophet Khalid is known Internationally by many as a spiritual teacher, healer, root worker, and prophet.
He is a very skilled Practitioner and works with many high vibrational spirits . Many consult him for spiritual services
He inspires souls all around the world to manifest their desires and pursue their Divine Destiny .
His foundation is African/ Ingenious Spirituality.
Khalid actuality is the leader of a fast growing African Spiritualist Church of traditional HooDoo.
An all inclusive Church for all souls. He Believes in the Teaching and Mysticism of Yahshua.
His Core Message is the Roots of his Ancestors .
Many are waking up to their traditions and Aligning with their true Spiritual path without limits.
Hoodoo is traditional African American Spirituality that focuses on Changing conditions by Supernatural intervention. The Practice developed from various West African and Indigenous spiritual customs and beliefs. It includes the use of Herbs, Roots, Prayers, Rituals, and the use of the Bible as a spiritual tool. They had to adopt the Bible into their Practice due to the oppression of slavery. Ancestor veneration is at the center of Hoodoo.
Root Work is a Practice that exist by itself. Its origins come from Africa.
It is believed the spirits that dwell in the roots & Herbs can create change. Both Native Americans and West African Tribes hold the belief in Animism. It is the Belief that everything that naturally comes from the earth contains a spirit. Put here by the Creator God.
Conjure is the process of calling on spiritual intervention to create change. Every major religion mentions some form of conjure. Prayer to the God of your understanding is a method of conjure. The Bible is full of Conjure Men. Prophet Elijah Conjured Fire from Heaven
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