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Standard Bank mobile app basics

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I would like to use mobile app for my uaccount but I don't know what to do to register
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Community Coordinator

Hello @Cem_78,


Not to worry, please note that once you have downloaded the new Standard Bank smartphone app, you’ll need to register a Standard Bank ID. Your ID will become your unique identifier to access a range of secure Standard Bank services – both online (coming soon) and mobile. Kindly follow these steps in order to set up your account on the app:


  1. Start by entering your email address. Ideally, the address you use should be a private email account, and not your company email address. 
  2. Then, choose a password, and accept the Terms & Conditions. Touch the handy eye button to see the password you’ve chosen
  3. A one-time PIN code will now be sent to your email address. Enter that PIN code into the app. Remember to search in your junk folder if you can’t find it
  4. You will then be asked to link your smartphone to the Standard Bank ID that you just created. In fact, you can link (and delink) devices whenever you need to, meaning you always have access to your banking, wherever you may be. 
  5. You will link your bank cards, and the accounts that are associated to those cards. 
  6. If you use Internet Banking, simply link the card number that you use when logging in. If not, then link the card number of the card that you use most often that has an ATM pin. And if you have more than one card, then link them all! 
  7. Enter the PIN number for the card, your ID number, and your cellphone number. This must be the cellphone number you use for any other Standard Bank services you may have – such as MyUpdate SMS alerts.
  8. Finally, complete the process by entering the one-time-PIN that is instantly SMSed to your cellphone.

Kindly let us know upon completion if this process has been successful.




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