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Std Bank Android App "Due to inactivity this session has ended"

Community Coordinator

Hi, @SidecarMike.


We appreciate you bringing this to us.


Here's how you resolve this.


To change the settings, please select settings on your mobile app, the click the safari app, scroll down to advance, the disable "Block cookies" to be able to log in once more.


Should the issue still continue, please reach out to us at 0860 123 000, options 3 and 4.



Standard Bank Team

New Contributor
where is the browser icon in the corner ? have a iphone.
New Contributor

can not open app on ipone, "'Due to inactivity this session has ended"' , I can not even open my internet Banking on the PC,

because it waits for the security feed back from my cell! it is so safe I can not open it myself, phoning the help line, and they tell

me to visit a branch. I am so frustated, I am thinking to change to FNB, there internet banking works very well!

Occasional Visitor

Hi, I have managed to solve this on my husbands phone. After contacting the bank with the number provided and their solutions not helping this is what I did.

Please make sure your old device is no longer linked to your account. You can check this by logging onto internet banking and going to security - devices.

Go to the banking app on your phone, click on sign in. DO NOT FILL YOUR INFO IN HERE.... it just sends you to the page "Due to inactivity this session has ended". instead click on the browser icon in the corner and it will open the sign in page in your browser. Sign in there and it will then direct you back to the app where you fill in the rest of the details, OTP ect. Hope this helps.

Community Coordinator

Good afternoon, Johan_Voigt.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


We'd like to investigate this. For more assistance, please contact our digital team at 0860 123 000, choices 3 and 4.



Team Standard Bank

New Member

Good day, I have been having issues with my Std Bank App on my Nokia C20 for a few weeks now. The phone runs on Android 11. Since being to the Std Bank branch in Springbok yesterday, now at least the app accepts my username and password. But as soon as I press the SIGN IN button it immediately comes back with the message "Due to inactivity this session has ended". This banking app is really starting to frustrate the living daylights out of me. Can anybody offer some guidance, assistance?