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Unauthorized Naedo Debit orders

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I feel it's not fair practice for the customer to always travel to the branch in order to reverse a debit order under R100. You are very much aware that we are constantly coming in to reverse debuts that have been loaded by a company that not even your institutions can identify. We are losing lots of money yearly because of such debit orders but for every single one of them I as a customer am expected by my bank to travel to the bank (spending money) then queue in the bank (wasting time) then have to stand there and explain to a consultant why I would like to reverse a debit order that was even more easier for some fraudsters to load than it is for me to reverse them. There are other banks that have taken a step forward to include limited reversals in their app to make life easier for their customers. Why is it such a mission for standard bank and what do they gain from extending the length of their queues daily over something that can easily be concluded on the app? Keep in mind that the money that comes into my account is money that I cannot afford to waste... give me the ability as a customer that pays for these services, to be able to have some control over some of these unauthorized debit orders. We are the ones losing money from this and I as a customer demand that the app allow the reversals of unauthorized debit orders below R100 as a start.
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Hi David 


We apologise for the inconvenience, we are aware how frustrating it is to deal with these unauthorised debits. We are however as a bank combatting this and have taken measures to help prevent these debits. Please see below various aids to help combat unauthorised debits.



Helping you to manage your Debit Orders 


Month end is usually the time when we check our budgets and scrutinize our statements. A lot of us have debit orders that come from our accounts during this time, and it is important that we keep track of these, by using the banking app or online banking. If you come across a transaction that doesn’t look familiar, or that you may want us to look into, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you.

Step 1 Check what the payment is for.

Recurring payments come in different forms;

Debit Orders are agreements with other companies to debit your account regularly, based on a service e.g. gym contracts, policies and investment accounts. They can be for fixed or changing amounts, as with phone contracts.
You might also have set up your own Scheduled Payments on Online Banking or using the Mobile Banking App. This is not based on an agreement as such and is completely at your control e.g. monthly rent payments that you schedule.
Stop Orders are also an example of regular payments and are usually arranged in the branch. This is an instruction that you give to us, to transfer funds on your behalf regularly e.g. kids’ pocket money etc.


Step 2 Now that you have an idea around the transaction, let’s help you manage it.

Our helpdesk on 0860 123 000 can help you to stop, reverse or investigate any debit order on your account.
To reverse a debit order is free within a stipulated minimum time (usually 40 days) and the funds will be returned to your account within 4 business days.
We can also help you to stop future debits on your account. This may come at a minimal cost and will only work if you have the date, amount and reference number of the debit.
Lastly, we can help you by investigating the name and contact details of the company who is debiting you (in case you want to verify before acting). This comes at a minimal cost and takes a few days for us to investigate and give you feedback.


Some extra information about debit orders & debicheck.


Debit order:

A debit order is a payment that your bank facilitates, on the basis of an agreement between you and your service provider.
The terms of that agreement determine when the supplier can debit your account, how much they can debit (if fixed or variable) and other issues like when penalties or double debits can be taken.
When we help you to reverse or stop a debit order, we take it that you have a right to do so according to your agreement and that you understand the possible impact of doing so (e.g. the risk of an insurance policy lapsing).
It is always a good idea to speak to the company debiting you first, to ensure that they can assist with your query, cancel your debit agreement or change your details, with them.



We have added a function on our app called Debicheck. This allows customers to authorise debit orders on the app before they are loaded. This function however is only applicable to companies who have registered for Debicheck.


We hope this was helpful.


Kind Regards


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Hello @David_M,


Please be advised that you can now reverse unauthorised debit orders on the online banking platform, as well as, the mobile banking app. Please visit: for more information on how you can reverse your unauthorised debit orders on the online/internet banking platform, as well as, for mobile banking app reversals.


Kind Regards,


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I reversed a few debit orders on the 1st of March, it’s now the 14th of March and non of the funds have been returned to my account? Can someone please assist me!
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