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glutathione injection in east london +27737741282

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A course of infusions generate long-lasting skin lightening results and simulate skin cell regeneration. Regular injections speed up skin cell turnover and generate permanent and long-lasting skin lightening results. All Glutathione injections are carried out by our IV/IM specialists, who have specialised training in ethnic dermatology. HOW DO GLUTATHIONE INJECTIONS WORK? Glutathione works by inhibiting the production of tyrosine, the enzyme which is responsible for the production of melanin (pigment) in our skin. Aside from cosmetically lightening the skin, glutathione is a natural antioxidant which cleanses the liver and eliminates scavenging free radicals that contribute to a number of degenerative medical conditions. Additionally, skin lightening with glutathione injections treats a number of dermatological conditions that are most prevalent in darker skin types. Oily skin, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation can all be addressed with a professional course of treatments. INGREDIENTS AND DOSAGE Our glutathione injections are combined with vitamin C, a natural lightening agent, as well as alpha lipoic acid. Your expert IV/IM practitioner will advise you regarding the number of treatments needed and adjust the dosage and/or ratios accordingly, depending on your skin's condition, skin type and personal goals. In order to lighten the skin, a full course of two bi-month treatments are recommended, although it is possible to undergo one session per month for 2months. Results are dependent on skin type, ethnic background and other factors. Maintenance treatments may be required and are available to clients who've completed at least one course of the four treatments. BENEFITS skin lightening with Glutathione is the ideal treatment choice for the following purposes: • Cosmetic skin lightening; • Skin discolouration and acne scarring; • Enlarged pores; • Uneven skin tone; • Various forms of hyperpigmentation, including melasma and significant UV damage in fairer skin types. CALL OR WHATSAPP +27737741282 / or Email us at: [email protected]

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