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mobile app proof of payment

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Dear Standard Bank


I have been with standard bank my entire life and do litterally everything through Standard Bank, student loans, car loans ect.


I am however struggeling with the following and it is really frustrating:


I need to send a simple proof of payment to my gardening service. I can see the transaction on my mobile App but there is no way to get a proof of payment on the App, I did put in an e-mail adress when doing the transaction, but the recipient didn't receive it. I do not use online banking, but it seemed to be the only option for me, since I was put on hold for 10 minutes when trying to call Standard Bank, I eventually ran out of airtime and the call dropped. When I baught more airtime (using your mobile app) and phoned again, an automated voice simply said "We are congested at the moment". So I tried to register for the Online banking (which is already redundant since I have the mobile App) and it said that my details are already in use. So I tried the "forgot password" route, and it only said that my details do not match the details on your system. 


So after approx 1 and a half hours of struggeling to get a simple proof of payment, it seems that I will now have to physically drive to a branch, to get one e-mail for a proof of payment. I do not understand why I find this so difficult? I've tried various methods and it seems like a complete waste of time to have to drive to a branch for something as small as this.


Please advise me if I am doing someting wrong. I do not want to register for Online Banking, I do not want to drive to a branch, I want a simple proof of payment for a transaction that I made on my mobile App.

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Hello @Henrey,


Please note that currently, proof of payment can only be obtained via the Online Banking platform. Alternatively you may send your account details, ID number, contact details and the payment reference number obtained on the mobile banking to [email protected] with the subject line "proof of payment request" so that we can look into this matter and assist you further.


Kind Regards,


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