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Balance Sheet question


I am trying to work out how various ratios are derived - and this question pertains to the D:E ratio.  On the SBK site, the D:E ratio is given as: (LT Liab - Int Free Loans + STLoan / ODraft)  /  Tot SH Int.   To test the equation I checked the balance sheet listed on the SBK site for Woolies, and the D:E result was correct - if I assumend that the Int Free Loans was 0.  But for Anglo American, I cannot get my equation to match the SBK result (I have checked the SBK balance sheet values against Anglos glossy results): ergo - either SBK has the D:E value wrong, or there is some sort of Int Free Loan, for Anglo around the 1250 mill mark.


I am giving SBK the benefit of the doubt here, since the Woolies D:E value is correct.


Can anyone let me know what or where one might find an Interest Free Loan value in the balance sheet - on the few I have checked there is no row or entry for any Int Free Loan.  Could this be called something else?


I am not an accountant and have an extremely simple understanding of balance sheets.