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I've been following bitcoin's (BTC) progress out of fascination more than anything. Last week the price hit $5000 (current ZAR value R59,011.79 = 1 BTC). A lot of people have been asking me about it on twitter - and it's being used as a new 'get-rich-quick' gimmick, so you cna imagine how many people are sinking money into this without understanding what, exactly, they're doing.. People are getting excited however this looks like a masive bubble waiting to pop...



In the meantime, $6000 on the cards? And when will the bubble pop? Are there any BTC traders out there? Would love to get perspective from a BTC trader. 


(Also curious to know how the SARB is planning on handling the regulation of crypto currencies. whatever policy they come up with will be very interesting to see.)


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at this point, all of the above seems likely.


Trick for SARB is how do they regulate, it is the key feature of cryptocurrencies that everythign is anon.

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Perhaps it might be worth looking at what Australia/ & Ukraine are doing ito regulating crypto-currency. As for anonymity, that will very likely be a stumbling block. Guess we'll have to see how others get around that particular roadblock.

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This is what is happening and they will not tell the truth. If standard bank is leading on Blockchain and agrees that blockchain is the safe place then you must understand that Bitcoin is the safe currency. All the bank they doing something positioning themselves. All the banks of south Africa doing something called project khokha also spring block. All the governments agree that Blockchain the mother of Bitcoin or the backbone of Bitcoin or the core of Bitcoin they all agree its safe then that tells you Bitcoin is the safe currency. Here are the news with standard bank but they wont tell you coz the rand or money is their business if they coment to the public and say bitcoin is the safe currency and the best with lot of freedom and opportunities now the the bank will be like its distroying itself.

These financial advisers are pulling our people to the forest coz they know the ways that are safe on investing on Bitcoin which is mining Bitcoin
If they sing blockchain is safe like they do obviously they have done their beat research.
They know know the are opportunities to invest on this safe place called blockchain.

Blockchain is the core of bitcoin which is mde up of 21 companies that can be seen on blockchain charts. These 20 companies are own by most rich people and the other is own by the guy called Russ muldin who only created this company for the public to come and invest.

If these banks know about blockchain and praise blockchain they know the ways of investing they have invested but because these are dirty people who do not care about you only want to make money from so that them remain on the top forever they will not tell to invest up until they have positioned themselves.

Russ muldin made this company called bitclub network for the public to come and invest in bitcoin as the company form a part of blockchain when you invest in the company you buy a bitcoin mining machine this machine will be one of the machines that control bitcoin make safe and process the transactions of bitcoin.

So when you buy this machine you will become you and your family the next master card and visa card coz bitcoin will be processed by these machines you bought of which you can buy as many as you can.
Then as long as bitcoin exists you kids and grand kids will own that machine forever and process bitcoin transactions for your family.

These bank people will not tell you that coz they greedy and they do not like bitcoin coz it here to free the people.

We encourage Africa to do bitcoin so that we lead the world on this revolution so that we dont do Europe things and start doing Africa for Africa.

We also encourage people to mine bitcoin instead of buying or trading

Mining is to buy these machines that make bitcoin work so that you can forever have shares in this world bank called Blockchain

Bitclub network invites the public to come and buy these computers that makes bitcoin work so that we lead as public to this bitcoin so that all the transactions are processed by bitclub network

Buy the gooze that lay golden eggs dont buy eggs for more information on how to be involved

We also warn the public any company that is says ot mines Bitcoin but its not the on blockchain charts run and run very fast for your life dont invest into that company
Coz blockchain is the mother of bitcoin if you mine bitcoin we must see you on the charts
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