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Just want to post this, about Bizflex loans, we have had about 3x loans which all have been paid off, and now we want another Bizflex loans, and every time we apply for it we get the answer that we don't meet the requirements, what we don't understand nothing has gone wrong with the business and as a matter of fact it is doing better than when we recieved previous loans, we have done complaints and which was refered to the business banker, and just to say does not like us, and when they did come back to us after compalints etc, they are still saying we don't meet the requirements, and also a statement was made that our business cannot afford for a loan, the reason why we again are looking at other ways to complain nobody come back and says why do we have a affordablilty problem when the business is doing well and they helped us before with it even being less affordable that now, just cannot understand the reason why, we can also not find somebody else to help us, because we keep on being reffered back to our business banker, and they also do not come back to us, with maybe other alternatives.