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Contactless Cards

What is a contactless card?

Contactless technology is a fast new contactless way to pay. No signature or PIN is required for purchases under R500.

All you have to do is wave or tap your contactless card against any of the secure contactless readers and your payment will be processed.

Contactless cards have an embedded antenna within the plastic so that when it is used at a contactless terminal it securely transmits information to and from the contactless terminal.

This is a card that can be used to perform everyday purchases without having to swipe or dip at merchant checkout points.

All contactless cards can be clearly identified by the PayPass or PayWave logo on the face of the card.



How does it work?

Look out for the paypass, paywave or contactless logos below at the merchant’s checkout points.

Wave or tap your contactless card against the contactless readers when payment is requested. For payments below R500, no PIN will be required during the transaction.

The terminal will display a green light and beep to confirm that your payment has been accepted.

In the event that your contactless transaction cannot be completed, you can still swipe or dip your card to complete the transaction.



Tap & Go is the next evolutionary step in the development of cardsFirst there was 'zip zap', then there was the magstripe, then there was the chip and now there is 'Tap to Pay'

First there was 'zip zap', then there was the magstripe, then there was the chip and now there is 'Tap to Pay'



How do I use my contactless card?

Check that your card has the MasterCard PayPass or Visa PayWave logo.

Where you see the MasterCard paypass logo or the Visa payWave logo in combination with the contactless symbol, let the merchant know you'd like to pay using your contactless card and if you'd like a receipt for the transaction.

When the transaction amount is shown on the contactless terminal, hold your card against the contactless symbol.

The terminal will indicate once your transaction is approved. Collect your receipt if you asked for one, and you're done!



What are the benefits of contactless technology?

Speed – paying at merchant checkout points is faster and easier. There will be no need to enter your PIN for transactions of R500 and below.

Convenience – you don’t have to carry cash all the time, making this ideal for small everyday purchases.

Safety and security – you are always in control of your card as your card never leaves your hand and has to be extremely close to the reader for the contactless payment to occur. Standard Bank will also offer protection against unauthorised contactless transactions performed on your card if you have reported the card stolen or lost

The card is a dual interface card and can still be dipped or swiped to make payments, if a merchant does not have a contactless terminal.



How does contactless technology benefit me?

You don't always have to carry cash or worry about looking for exact change when

making small value everyday purchases at participating merchants

You can save time due to quicker transactions, which can mean shorter queues

You are in control because your card never has to leave your hand when making a

payment at the terminal

You don't have to sign anything or enter a PIN for purchases under R500

You will have a record of all your everyday purchases on your account statement



What do I need to be able to use contactless technology?

All you need is a dual interface card with the paypass or payWave feature. To find out if

your card has contactless technology, check that it has the paypass or payWave logo on

the front.



How do I recognise a contactless card?

The MasterCard paypass logo or Visa payWave logo will be displayed on the front of the

contactless card.



Do I need to select the credit, savings, or cheque buttons when I make a contactless transaction?

No, there's no need to press any buttons on the contactless terminal. With contactless

technology the transaction is automatically processed to the transaction account or credit

account linked to the credit button.



Can I get cash out using contactless technology?

You can't get cash out from a contactless transaction i.e. by only holding your card

against the terminal. You will need to insert your card and PIN into terminal.



How close does the card need to be to the terminal?

You should hold your contactless card within 4cm of the contactless terminal.



Will I receive a receipt for transactions I make?

A contactless payment is designed to let you make low value transactions quickly and

conveniently. If you'd like a receipt to confirm the contactless transaction, just ask the

merchant before you pay. For purchases R500 and over, a receipt will be provided after

you swipe or insert your card and sign or enter your PIN.



How will purchases with a contactless card appear on my account statement?

Purchases made with your contactless card will be displayed on your statement in the

same way any other purchase you make with your card is displayed. This means you can

now track all those small, everyday transactions on your statement.



Is there a limit on the value of goods or services I can purchase with contactless technology? 




What happens if I try to purchase goods over R500 ?

For purchases over R500 you can still use your contactless card by swiping or inserting

the card in the terminal and providing your signature or PIN.



Can I use my card at merchants that do not have contactless terminals?

The card has a chip and magnetic stripe that also allows the card to be used in the same

way a card without contactless technology is used* (when you sign or enter a PIN to

complete a transaction).

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