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Credit Cards

My personal details have changed. What do I need to do? 

Please bring along a copy of your marriage certificate, if your surname has changed, and a copy of your identity document with your correct names.

If you have changed your address or phone number, please inform us by visiting your nearest branch.


How do I change my debit order?    

Ask for a debit order form at any branch, complete it and return it to us by fax or post, or ask the branch to send it to us.


How can I get a statement immediately?     

You can get a copy from any branch for a fee. If you are an Internet banking user you can check your statement at any time free of charge.


What type of transactions can I dispute?     

There are two types of transactions that may be disputed: transactions that have either an S# or [email protected] before the merchant's name, which both mean swiped transactions. In this case the card had to be present at the merchant and therefore is most likely to be your transaction. However, the amounts that may appear on your statement could be different.


What is the procedure to follow when disputing a transaction?     

The procedure to follow is to complete a dispute form and attach a copy of the signed voucher to have the amount shown on your account rectified. If there is a swiped transaction that you insist is not yours, a dispute form has to be completed and sent to Card Division for investigation. The amount will be suspended from your account balance temporarily and will be reported as a disputed amount. Card Division will then request the merchant to supply a copy of the signed voucher, within the required time. If the time lapses and the merchant fails to supply us with a copy of the voucher the transaction will be charged back to the merchant and you will be credited.


What happens then if the merchant does supply the necessary document(s)?      

If the merchant supplies a valid copy of the voucher and the signature is valid the amount will then be returned to your account balance along with the interest for the period the transaction was suspended. A further debit will appear on your account for retrieval of the voucher (R50 for local vouchers and R205 for international vouchers) if you are proven to be at fault. This fee will not appear if you are correct.


Unauthorised disputed transactions 

Transactions with either an M# or [email protected] before the merchant's name represent manual transactions. In this case the card did not have to be present, for example, mail order, Internet merchants or even if the swipe system was off line. Remember that if you have made a mail order arrangement the merchant may produce the agreement, which you may have entered into rather than a signed voucher. Once you have identified that there is a transaction you did not authorise you need to complete a dispute form and send it to Card Division for investigation. The process is the same as that for a swiped transaction.


I paid my card account but the payment is not shown on my statement. What should I do?        

Send us your proof of payment so that we can trace it and credit your account. Any interest charges will be reversed once the payment has been traced.


My statement shows a payment that I do not remember making. How can I find out who made it?       

Call us and we will try to get a copy of the deposit slip or receipt. If the amount was incorrectly credited to your account, we will reverse it.


How do I pay one of my budget purchases early?   

Pay the required amount into your card account and then phone us to let us know which budget purchase you are paying. Alternatively, if you have enough credit on your account, ask us to switch the outstanding budget amount to an ordinary payment. The new balances will reflect on your account the following day.


Can I change the repayment period on a budget purchase?           

Yes, if the transaction date is less than 30 days before you lodge your request and no instalment has been taken off your budget facility.


What is lost card protection and how can I get it?  

Lost card protection protects you against any loss caused by fraudulent use of your card if it is lost or stolen. It does not cover transactions in which your PIN was used. Lost card protection is free of charge and you qualify as soon as your card is issued.


What is credit protection?     

It's insurance that settles your credit-card balance in the event of death, disability or retrenchment. You can ask for credit protection by phone, fax or email.


How can I get a copy of a tax certificate?   

We issue tax certificates automatically, if more than R250 interest is credited to your account. You can ask for a duplicate by phone, fax or e-mail.

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How do i pay my credit card account? I am a new credit card user and did not receive a 1st statement from the bank yet? I want to make a pmnt but how and where?

Community Coordinator



You will need to link your credit card to IB and you can pay your account online and via the App.

Occasional Visitor

How do u pay for my credit card online? I don't wanna go inside the branch 

Community Coordinator

Hi, mmatlitshepo72, is your Credit Card linked to Internet Banking? 

New Member

How do I find out how much I have available in my budget account?


Community Coordinator

Hi Davidcohoe, 


You can foward your query to [email protected], please also include your contact details and ID number in the email. 

New Member

i have Absa credit card trying to make online payment to it from my standard bank account not accepting the payment also tried to link it but still giving me the same issue please help

New Member

I received a phone call from standard bank regarding a credit limit increase I was asked to send my bank statements to [email protected] is this a valid standard bank email address or is it a scam 


I made a payment (transfer from my current account) to my credit card and the payment is not reflecting. It used to reflect immediately on the app. 

Community Coordinator

Hello @Najma1


I can imagine your frustration on this. Please mail us your full query and both account details so that we can trace this payment.


Let me know should you need further assistance on this.





I am also having problems when someone with an Absa bank account tries to deposit money into my Standard Bank credit card.  The transaction is rejected every time. What are the exact instructions for depositing/transferring money from a different bank into my SB credit card?  Is the credit card number used as the bank account number?  I can not find any information about this on the SB app. 



New Member

Hi, I have paid my credit card in full. Please advise how I can close it?


Thank you 

Occasional Visitor

Yesterday I paid the "minimum payment" on my credit card "due by 13 November", and when I go on to my online banking the exact amount I paid yesterday is still there and noted as "minimum amount to be paid by Nov 13".


Why has my payment not reflected?

Community Coordinator

Hello @Daniellav,


Kindly be advised that your funds should appear immediately after payment. Could I advise that you forward your account details, ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "credit card payment" so that we can look into this matter and assist you further.


Kind Regards,


Hi. I can't deposit money into my credit card via eft not can I deposit it via ATM. Exactly am I supposed to deposit into the credit card besides waiting for a debt order?
Community Coordinator

Hello @Babakhe ,


Please be advised that you are able to transact into your credit card provided that it has been linked to your current account on the mobile banking app. Kindly note that the linking of the cards can be done at your nearest branch or via our customer care line; 0860 123 000. Once the cards have been linked, the credit card will appear as a tile on the primary dashboard within your mobile banking app. Should you need to transfer funds into your credit card, kindly follow these steps;


- log onto the mobile banking app,

- Tap on the tile that shows your account balance and details,

- Tap on "Transfer"

- Input the amount you wish to transfer,

- Enter your reference and tap on review.


Kind Regards,


Occasional Visitor


My credit card displays R0 as my limit as well as R0 as my availabile BUT I have not even used limit  What's going on ? Can't make online purchases anymore right now 

Community Coordinator

Hi Fkhan,


If your Credit Card is linked on your app, please login go to your Credit Card dashboard, click on it and you will see options to make payment on it. 


Good day I am a new credit user I went to the atm to check my balance ND it showed 0.00 how is this possible I just received it today

New Member

I am trying to open a virtual account to make a payment please help