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Debit Order Reversals on the Mobile Banking App and Online Banking

Why can’t I reverse a debit order that is older than 40 days?

This process is different, investigations for validity of mandate needs to take place before any refund can happen. This is a digital limit, customers can reverse debit orders more than 40 days at branch or CCC.


Why does the reversal not reflect in my account immediately?

It depends on the type of account a customer has funds should reflect within 2 business days.


Why can’t I reverse a debit order that is more than R200?

This is a digital/self- service limit, customers can reverse debit orders more than R200 at branch or CCC.


After the debit order is reversed, is it stopped?

Reversing a debit order does not stop it from going off the account again, should they wish to stop it, a separate “stop payment” process can be done on IBR, CCC or branch.


Why is the “Not authorized” debit order not stopped once I have reversed it?

Stopping and reversing a debit order are two different and separate services, the bank cannot stop/ reverse any debit order without the customers advise to do so.


Why can’t I reverse a debit order on USSD?

The service is not available on that channel yet.


Why am I not allowed to reverse other transactions on my account?

This solution is only for debit orders.


Will I be able to reverse debit orders on my business account as well as my personal account?

Yes, you will be able to reverse on any transactional account.


Can I reverse the fee charged for the debit order?

Upon request, the fee can be reversed at branch or CCC.


Why does the system not automatically reverse an unauthorized debit order fee?

The system cannot proactively tell what is unauthorized, hence the customer will have to call or visit a branch.


Can customer dispute debit order from Naedo and ACB?

Yes, Customers will be able to dispute both.


What is the correlation between Debit check and debit order dispute?

They are different types of debit orders with different disputability rules depending on the signed mandate.

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How to reverse a Debit Order which is more than R200? 

Community Coordinator

Hello @SlinzoZ2,


Please be advised that you can only reverse debit orders of R200 and below using the mobile app and online banking. For reversals above that, you will need to contact customer care on 0860 123 000 in order to be assisted further.


Kind Regards,


Hi i transfere a money in wrong account number how can i reverse it,please help
Community Coordinator

Hello @sphephelop,


Please be advised that you will need to contact customer care on 0860 123 000. Alternatively, you can forward your account details, the payment reference, ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "transfer - wrong account number" so that we can look into this matter and assist you further.


Kind Regards,