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Early Debit Orders in December

  1. Why is Standard Bank debiting accounts before the usual due date in December?

During the holiday period, some clients struggle to make debit order payments as most customers are paid earlier than usual.  Debit orders do not automatically adjust to detect a salary payment, meaning some customers may fall behind on payments. Where clients have given the bank a flexible debit mandate on their loan account, the bank will adjust the debit orders dates to their expected salary dates in December.


  1. How has Standard Bank communicated to customers about this change?

Customers will receive an SMS either on the day or 1 day before their debit order date.


  1. Which customers are excluded from early debits?
  • Weekly and bi-monthly paying customers on AccessLoan and RCP
  • Customers who do not have flexible mandates


  1. Will the early debit orders deduct from my overdraft facility?

Yes, if there are funds available.


  1. Will I get charged an unpaid fee before the debit order due date?

In the event that you do not have any money in the account, the debit order will continue to be tracked and funds collected as they become available. It is important to note that NO unpaid debit order fee will apply for non-payments before the usual debit order due date, therefore if we do not receive an earlier payment, you will not be penalised.

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@Moshel wrote:


  1. Will the early debit orders deduct from my overdraft facility?

Yes, if there are funds available.

False. I got debited early despite no funds available, going over my overdraft limit, and now other (smaller) payments are bouncing causing me costs.


I only get paid on the 20th this month.

New Contributor

This is nonsense. You should have emailed people days before doing this.

My SBD Life debit order came off yesterday unexpectedly that's why I searched on this community.

No sms or email. No prior warning.

Discovery emails its clients days in advance to tell them.

This kind of  thing this upsets clients unnecessarily. There is such a thing as customer service.

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I've just received an SMS at 1pm in the afternoon to tell me my personal loan debit order will be processed today, a whole 3 days before it normally does. And guess what, it was debited early this morning (just after midnight). So you tell me after you've done an early debit that you're going to do this, and leave me with hardly any funds 5 days before Christmas? Your SMS says you are doing this 'for my convenience'. What a joke.  This is for your convenience and not mine.  I'm disgusted by this practice and will be changing my collection date to well after payday to ensure this nonsense doesn't happen again. This is unfair and a disaster for your customers who don't get paid early in December. Nedbank gives several days notice if they attempt to run a debit order earlier.

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