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FAQs for Temporary Resident & Non Resident Accounts

 Temporary Residents


What products do I have access to as a Temporary Resident?

With Standard Bank you have access to a variety of products.


What type of permits do you accept for Personal Banking?

All Permits are accepted for personal banking, as long as they are valid.


What documents do I need to open an account? And how often do I need to update my information? How?

You are required to produce a valid permit and passport (If you’re a Refugee, a Refugee ID is required and if you're an Asylum Seeker, an Asylum Seeker certificate is required) 3 months’ bank statement and Proof of Residence. If anything changes with your personal information, you have to go to your nearest branch to update your information with the staff.


What restrictions do I have as a Temporary Resident?


Do I have access to Standard Banks online banking services?

Yes, you do have access online banking with Standard Bank


Can I send money abroad? And How?

Yes, you are able to. Standard Bank has Forex services as well as Money Gram. You can also now make international payments using new Online Banking and the Mobile Banking App.


Do you have Foreign Exchange services? And how can I access them as a temporary Resident?

Yes, Standard Bank has Forex services. You are more than welcome to look at our offerings here and as a temporary resident you do have access to these services.




Non- Residents


As a Non-Resident, can I open up an account for Foreign Currency?

Yes, you can, The Non Resident center can assist you with that


How do I update my information once I have a Non- Resident account?

You will have to email the Non Resident Centre with certified copies of your updated information.


How secure is my money if I plan on investing in South Africa?

Your money is very secure, we have a variety of investment and saving options for non- resident account holders. Please contact the Non Resident center for assistance.


As a Non-Resident account holder, Do I have access to electronic banking?

Yes you have access to view your accounts on new Online Banking and the Mobile Banking App


Are there Saving and Investment options as a Non-Resident account holder?

Yes, there are Saving and investment options as a Non Resident Account holder. This will enable you to gain high interest while saving with Standard Bank.


I plan on moving to South Africa. How do I apply for temporary Residency and do I have access to switching my account when I get to South Africa?

You may visit your nearest Standard Bank branch and yes, you have the option of switching your account to a South African based financial solution.


As a Non- Resident once I get to South Africa for visiting, do I have access to a Debit Card, and is there a limit to how much money I have access to in South Africa?

Yes, you have access to a debit card once you land in South Africa, to support your financial needs once in South Africa

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I am an asylum seeker since 2007 I want to open an account with Standard bank but they do not accept asylum seeker's permit. When I called the customer care center I was told that they do accept asylum seeker's permits.