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Getting Formal Statements on the Mobile Banking App and Online Banking

Why can I only get statements for my cheque account?

The scope for phase 1 is focused on current accounts. The exposing of other products will follow in future releases.


Why is the statement only available for 2 years and no longer?

This interim decision was based on the high demand of statements for this period.


Is there a fee charged for 2 years statement?

For phase 1, there is no fee if the statement is retrieved from SBG and IBR. However, the pricing for SBG and IBR is being reviewed and any updates/changes will be communicated accordingly. It is important to note that the existing pricing model must be applied for any formal statements retrieved via staff assisted channels.


My current statement cycle is daily, can I get 2 years statements without selecting it per day?

For phase 1, you will only be able to individually email your formal statements which are produced according to your preferred statement cycle.


Is the statement stamped? If not, why?

No, these are the actual copies of the formal statements produced according to your statement cycle which are distributed via post, email or MMS.


Does the statement have my address on it? Is it the current address?

The formal statement does have either a postal or residential address printed on the statement as per your preference.


Is the 2-year statement available at the ATM/Autoplus?

No, the formal statements will only be exposed on SBG and IBR in phase 1.


Can I email/Upload these statements to SARS?

You will be able to email the statements to any third party of your choice eg. SARS.

If you need to upload, you will need to email the statement to yourself first and then save attachment from the email which you could then use to upload.


Can I download these statements to my device?

The download function will be implemented in a future release.

The work around for now is to email the formal statement to yourself and save attachment from the email.


I only need certain transactions; will I be able to filter and retrieve only the information that I need?

The formal statement cannot be filtered for specific transactions as you will only be able to retrieve the full statement according to your statement cycle in PDF format.

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