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Standard Bank’s Instant Messaging Service: FAQs

Standard Bank launches instant messaging banking via WeChat. Here are some FAQs on how the service works.

Standard Bank has launched an exciting new Instant Messaging Service via WeChat. If you are a Standard Bank Private and Prestige customer you can now have your banking queries answered by a Virtual Banking team via chat 24 hours a day!


Here’s what you need to know:

How do I register for WeChat with Standard Bank?

Private Banking customers have the option of calling or emailing their bankers to sign up for the service. In addition Private Banking customers can also contact the Virtual Bankers team by calling 0860 123 101 or via e-mail [email protected] to sign up. All customers will need to download and register with WeChat.


Prestige Banking customers can contact the Virtual Bankers teamby calling 0861 001 321 or via e-mail [email protected] to sign up. All customers will need to download and register with WeChat.


Customers will be taken through a verification process and must provide a WeChat ID. Once your identity has been verified you will receive a OTP (One-Time Password) via email or SMS to log in and will then be invited to accept the terms and conditions of using the service. You are then activated.


For more information:


How long is an OTP valid for?

Your OTP (One-Time Password) will be valid for seven days. This will give you plenty of time to activate and register the service. How do I know which Virtual Banker I am chatting to? The default Private Banker profile picture will be visible together with the name of the Privatel Banker you are chatting to. You do have the option of selecting your Virtual Banker.


What are the terms and conditions of the service?

Please find terms and conditions here: The terms and conditions apply when you communicate with us through any Approved Messaging Platform. They will not apply if you communicate or transact with us via email, sms, telephone, mobile phone or internet banking.


Will my chat history with my Virtual Banker be kept on record?

Yes, your Virtual Banker cannot delete or edit a chat. Is the service synchronised to email? No


How can you deregister from the service?

You can call and email your Private Banker to deregister from the service or you could send a message to your Virtual Banker asking to deregister from the service. How do I access my free 3GB of data that can be used of a 3 month period?

You can do this by:

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How do I reverse a debit order transaction from my mobile app?
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You need to call our help desk on 0860 123 000 for assistance on this matter or visit your nearest branch for assistance.

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I am living in Nsmibia from Cape town. My problem I have pay money to Standard bank namibia into my account here now Standard bank RAA have change my limit to 0 Zero I want to know Why???   

I cannot transfer money to my Namibian account I have to phone thos stupid 08... numbers to listen to music and on cell ühone in 10 minutes R 50-00 gone that to me is pathetic service to customers

jan du Plessis


How do I cancel a scheduled payment ? 

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Y are the balances on the mobile app incorrect

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Here is an existing thread/explanation of different balance's on your account.


Let us know should need further information on this:




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If I have invested money and I want to get it before it fully matures how much will I be charged?

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Please advise which investment account you are referring to? Different accounts offer different periods where you can access your funds. Please see link for more information:

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I have been trying to fund my online trading account but unfortunately I get rejected by the bank, my broker says their might be some restiction on account, how do I go about resolving this issue without having to go to the bank because when I opened the account Iasked the consultant if I can do international transactions and she said yes.