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ALTX tracker....

Hi - anyone know of an ALTX tracker fund, preferably that you can trade on OST?
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you'll have to find a small cap unit trust ..
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RMB Small Caps has done pretty well for me over the last 4-5 least its up now. But what about creating your own little small cap fund. I have done pretty well with small caps this year - Companies like ISA and CCL have grown and paid decent dividends. Some are dogs, like AWT, but then balance your risk and dont invest all in small caps. I have 30% of my portfolio in small caps, Alt X shares and Fledglings, but I think I can afford the risk, since I have no debt and very few expenses. I hope that one of my choices will be that 100 bagger. IMHO. Franco Busetti seems to think that having exposure to small caps is a good thing as well.
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