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An Open letter to SBG Securities

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Hi Guys, Thanks for a great service. I last made this request about 2 years ago using the internal message facilty. I got an answer saying that my request would be "referred to management". I used to understand that as meaning that you had 3 chances... Anyways .. My problem with the watchlist is that it does not show on the same screen whether I have got an Alert locked in or not. I have to go to another screen to see that. Please guys put an option into the menu of choices that I can show next to each share whether I have an alert on that share or not and for how much.On the old watchlist many moons ago this would show as the amount in black figures. If the alert had triggered the figures would go BOLD showing that that alert has expired.All this on the same screen as the Watchlist. Some clients will remember this facility.It was very convenient. Make my day!! Many thanks.
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OST is like the government: they dont listen to their clients. In December 2012 (5 months ago) I reported that their 52 weeks % movement share filter gives an error message. They confirmed the filter does not work but that it wold be fixed. It still does not work. I made suggestions for improvement on Easytrader; they never fixed them and I stopped using it.
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and i cant get the watchlist SMS alerts!. Yes I did phone the call centre.
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