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Any thoughts please?

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I bought in last Dec at R44.00, took a huge dive and now looks like its recovering...think its gona dive again?
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Hi Sid, The only real variable that you can control is money management. How much that is allocated to a trade. Even stop losses are not fully under control due to gaps etc. Is MUR gonna go up? Who really know, just make sure that your money management is in place. Take care of the losses and the profits will take care of themselves. Russ the marketbum.
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i think the construction industry has received a boost of good news today, with the world bank approving a $3,5bn loan to Eskom. Power accounts for something like 30% of their pipeline, so that is good news. I believe that construction is the sector to be getting into now, as it is starting to turn. M&R is trading on a PE of around 8, which is at the higher end of the construction index, and it is not really coming off a low base either - since it has really only reported 1 interim bad result. it is the construction company with the highest debt, and has a lot of Dubai exposure - so it is not my preferred one, but then it seems to be a market flavour of the week. As for when to sell, well that is always the hardest question in investing, trading - knowing when a stock is cheap is easy - knowing when it is overvalued is a lot lot lot harder!!
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