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This is about trading not about being right. I was short yesterday cause the market was going down my set up said go short, I was short had a great day. Today I'm long why cause my setup says so does that mean I'm right I really don't know either i'll make my money or lose my stop. If I need to be short so be it long so be it. This isn't a competition. Like now I went long at 30320 with a 50 point stop and 100 point target guess what riaan don't give a toot whether I'm right or wrong I have no vested interest in being right and predicting. I suspect ill lose but I dont care its just a set up. Thats what got me to post yesterday chartist really says one thing does another but leads people into thinking he a profit, I have spoken at length to him in years gone by I am still to get one setup or planned trade out of him or a method at all so all Im trying to do is give traders a heads up don't get caught up with people who talk the talk but dont walk the walk or have all the info after the trade happened.
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in Zulu they say "ingiphuze inyongo" translation "you took the words out of my mouth".
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Oh dear .....
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And I thought by Using MY TIME to Post a help line number .... as a concerned South African citizen and Forum member ... HELP NEVER AGAIN .... What do i get for my help ???? A mail Asking me what my problem is ?? FFS .... I'am so Pissed i can get a F$%#Y wobble .... TSSSS !!!!!
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