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CBH -Market manipulators at it again

Occasional Contributor
There appears to be an ongoing saga with manipulators at CBH stocks again. Everytime the share starts a rising trend, some ..sole sells a few at a ridiculous level way below the last several trades? EG:- The last drop from 320 to 303 for a mere trade volume of 320 and 680 respectively, also very conveniently near close of play. Exactly what there motive is ungaz!! but it is very irritating. This activity is known as tree shaking in the UK. Well they certainly shake this tree to force stoplosses of sorts and pick up the easy fruit!.
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Super Contributor
That is exactly it, that is why i don't enjoy trading small caps or low vol shares
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Regular Contributor
You need bawls of steel to trade these small caps. I find they're like warrants: you need to watch them every minute, don't have auto stoploss, have wide manual stoploss. Oh, and a good relationship with the Almighty helps...
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Super Contributor
Not a trading stock, you're not going to get much comment on it on this forum, however I feel a good defensive on if the Bear should suddenly appear.I follow all the stocks in the animal feed and poultry business because it what I'm involved in, and a lot of those stocks have done well for me because of being close to that markrt so my timing in getting in or out is better than most.You obviously hold this stock, I've been watching it the last while and bought earlier this week as I see value at these levels,I'd be suprised it doesn't return to year's high within 6 months.I agree there have been some silly trades.I asked a question some time back regarding some strange selling in RBW shares, reply zip, but tell these guys they are clowns in a circus you'll get 50 plus.
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