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Cost of trading SSFs and CFDs

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This is probably a seriously dumb question ... but has anyone worked out the actual percentage that the underlying must move to cover the cost of trading SSFs or CFDs, especially as regards the "market makers spread rate" of 0.4% (for SSFs) and 0.35% for CFDs which would not apply to trading the underlying directly? If so details would be much appreciated.
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I does depend a littel on your trade size, but it is very close to 1%. You need a move of 0.4% plus another 0.4% of a slightly bigger number plus R150/number of contracts.
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Txs cfm. Trade size is not a problem ... but the info does assist is establishing what the minimum trade size should be in order to be most cost effective.
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It would be great if OST could add these calculators to the website. That way you can always work out exactly what your break-even point is including fees, vat and all other costs. Tax/capital gains tax also come into the picture somwhere.
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