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Does the gap need filling?

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Hi there I am fairly new to technical analysis so need some learned opinions please. This share price gapped up from a closing high price on 15 May 2013 of R79.36 to an opening low price of R81.66 on 16 May 2013. Since then the share price has steadily been increasing with the occasional pull-back. Does the gap need filling? If so, what sort of time frame would normally be expected? If not, help me understand the price gap. Thanks for your help
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Price will have to trade back into the gap by a certain percentage to trade the gap close, if you trading gaps. But remember the rule, sell what's going down and buy what's going up....nobody knows for sure where the market is going.....that's why you place a stop loss.....nobody can tell you if the gap needs filling, but I can say trade it at this level and place your stop loss at this level and take profit at this level where the gap closes....
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