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Ever had one of those days !!!

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I am going to take two weeks off trading, when your mind tells you one thing and your emotions fight logic its time to take a break. I just couldn't take the trades today or yesterday for that matter. I would see the setup and because it went against my current position I just couldn't do the right thing as a result stress and no profits. If you can't take a loss its time for a break because the next thing to follow is a huge loss, been close twice in the last week and pure luck let me out of my trades with a profit. Time to rest especially in these conditions
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And here you were saying that some traders would be missing in 2 to 3 years. ;-) Eish you have to have a system for days like this. Old Radium stratergy I am told is a good place (Know where it is never been there, dont drink - I know I know what some are going to say but its my choice, more bucks to trade with ;-) ).
Basically I sit and do paper trades (The what ifs) and then go out and back test a few weeks and months to see if my whatif would have been good or bad. Offline schooling I guess.
I read a guy from Allan Gray a while ago said "the hardest thing to do in the market is to sit and watch. Sometimes you have to do nothing.". Its in times like these that you use your experience and the fundamentals with TA of your stratergy to plan.
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Well done Venice. I've been sitting on a play and pulled the trigger 30 seconds too late today. And what does that say about me as a trader.
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and the first impulse is to over compensate and go in big. Sigh... it is so psychological
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