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For Simon -Some ideas for a trading course

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Hi Simon, I attend the course offered by Standardbank and although they are reasonably ok, they do not impart the knowledge which is required to make people successful. People should take the initiative to educate themselves but bear in mind people who attend these course's are looking for a quick education. This is possible. I was surprised to understand from those attending the course as to how many people did not understand how to interpret and income statement and balance sheet. As much as share prices does reflect the sentiments of the majority of the traders, it by no means help people to really find the undervalued companies. Can you run a days course where you take say the financials of 4 listed companies and show people how to interpret the income and balance sheet, the tricks which are used, how to nett out the EPS to HEPS, determing the nett asset value per share from the balance sheet and more importantly, how to determine the ROIC. Althought it may be just as important, my opinion is that a course like this is bar far a more beneficial than attending a 5 hour derivative course. The high level "interpreting financial statements" course is not adequate. One has to get into the detail for people to grasp the basic concepts. Just some thoughts to futher help the general masses so as to get people to start managing their own monies and not giving away their hard earned 2% to uselss fund managers.
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