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Help needed

Frequent Contributor
I forgot that the divident was going to be paid today and did not sell the shares yesterday. The share price declined 9% today triggering my stop loss. The stop loss was not executed. I presume that there was no buyers at my stop loss price. What are the forums thoughts on this share? Short term that is. I have a lot of milk and bread money tied up in this company which I actually need. I have learned a very impotant lesson today - that is to include on my Excell spread sheet not only a target price but also a selling date.
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I don't know how quickly you need to get out, but if not too quickly, this share is likely to climb again over the next 4 - 6 weeks. Yes, not to the pre-dividend level, but definitely to a better level than it is at now. If you can hold out it would probably be worth doing so, but if not, why not sell in batches at say 50 - 70c splits as it climbs, to allow you to eat and drink in the meantime (obviously you need to check the viability, relative to the brkerage costs etc.) but if you are sitting with enough of them, you should be able to off-load them over a relatively short time-span and still get a decent average price on them as you sell on their way up.
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am bullish ;hold on , be patient ;divs are up there
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