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Huffington Post

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Started reading the Huffington Post yesterday, and I like it. When you start reading articles on there you begin to realize just how bad journalism in the country has become (like may other things).
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I think some of the serious journalists out there would have a heart attack at that statement :) Huffington Post is kinda a cross between a slightly hysterical Democratic-leaning politics site and People magazine. Check out the "most popular" links on the right hand side. Like the man with the huge scrotum, or some arb chick who held a cigarette. You won't find that on Felix Salmon's blog, say.

I do read it here and there, but it's not what I'd hold up as journalistic excellence. Opinions differ, I guess :)
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Ok, I admit, not all the articles are quality stuff, but news24 is mostly just poor on all levels.
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Stuff I read daily:
- Mail and Guardian
- Financial Times, and Alphaville
- Hacker News (
- Google News

Blogs: Calculated Risk, Felix Salmon + a bunch of software-business ones.
Sometimes Zero Hedge.
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