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Thanks Barry, I don't think I have logged onto the site for the past year and a half ! that's why you have not heard from me, I logged in today as I feel it is time to have a look. I cashed in about 2 years ago or longer, can't remember ( except for a few bluechips which have weathered the crisis relatively well). I cannot give trading the time it deserves ( or rather invest the necessary time to understand TA) i do better with long term investments. I have bought a few properties to let in the past 18 months and that seems to be going surprisingly well, (i did my research iro target market and areas). I feel the time has come for me to look at PLS and PUTs properly. I did have a look at your website, very useful and some of it made me chuckle. Always grateful for your opinions, nice to chat again.
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Take your fist out of your ###...I have a friend that goes by the name of KY that can assist you. You must of had that emotion bottled up for a long time. I commend you on your good deed, but keep in mind that your charity is not the only one around. Perhaps you should not make assumptions about what others do for the needy.
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