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Neotel for landline and internet connection

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Hi all. Do any of you use Neotel as your preferred landline and internet connection service provider? Have recently been looking at the packages they offer and they seem really good. Is there internet speed reliable and fast enough to use for trading?
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I dont know all their products but I was on neotel lite. The phone connection is *****py and always dropping calls, the internet is pathetically slow and the service is plain rubbish. They also only have one handset you can use and its big and clumsy. I've cancelled my subscription. The best you can do is get a telkom landline and a 3g card from cell c on the promotion. Then you are completely sorted.
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I use the NeoConnect prime and it's fine.

Expect normal cellphone behaviour from the voice service. If you're in a bad coverage area, you will have a bad line. If not, it'll be okay but not as good as a real landline and it will have a small latency.
It's a pretty decent internet connection. I use it on a single computer and it's fast and mostly reliable. However, it does have problems - always Neotel side. These are relatively frequent occurring maybe once a month for a couple hours. So complaining to support doesn't help 'cos the problem disappears by the time they respond.

Their support is quite slow and difficult to contact. However, when you get a response, they're okay if your problems aren't too complicated.

My neighbour has Neotel WiMAX. I would like to get that and downgrade to the most basic neoconnect to keep the voice service + number. It's 1mbps uncapped and works well, apparently. You don't get the ppp problems you do with prime.

However, it's R 1,200 a month. If Telkom's lines worked better in my area, I would rather upgrade to a 4mpbs telkom adsl and get an uncapped connection + number for a bit less.
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For internet, don't bother with Neotel - go the Cell C route, it cannot be beat and it is the cheapest on the market by far. I just splashed out on the 5gb a month option - absolutely awesome. For voice, well can't say what is best - but I think Telkom must still be pretty hard to beat
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I find Neotel works really great. Clear voice, very nice internet.
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