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New SSF's

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Thirdly, the price at which you enter your order is the SSF price (futures price) AND NOT the underlying price as in the past. Note that we will no longer offer a price matrix as the prices are now a function of the open market and not those of Standard Bank as market maker. That is from the webpage, yet we only see the underlying price??
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no you don't .. you see the SSF price .. we do also show the underlying price ..
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Dear Simon, query i have is the following, with the underlying and SSF being different due to interest and dividend etc, and the limit order now based on ssf and no matrix but SSF visible, how do i conduct my TA as this is based on the underlying, how do i get to the SSF accurately or within some confidence, i have tried the formulae and none seems to match whats on the OST even if i take a snapshot of the underlying right then and there and work from there, best i can figure is the interest rate and the divendend for 2011, in saying so, fo me that is, it is nearly impossible to predict this value and being a geared instrument, how do i match my TA with the SSF at that point to place a order ?, please assist, thanks.
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