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New feature for OST

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I don't have any specialised software to manage my investments, but what i do use is excel, i made a daily chart of my total investment performance (line chart) and a portfolio breakdown (bar chart). My thought is that this Online Share Trading website should have all the information readily available to build these charts and would be a nice addition to view ones overall portfolio, does anyone agree? Then one can easily apply comparisons to your portfolio vs the ALSI or TOPI, or any individual share or index. Standard Bank, would you ever consider adding this to the site?
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Agreed - I would also like to see a daily/weekly/monthly/annual graph of my total portfolio total value, monthly profits, costs, etc. Although we know what we make/loose on each transaction, there is no overview. Right now I have no record of what my total portfolio value was during last year, except for the annual tax report.
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Standard Bank, is it possible to consider building this in oneday? I think it will be handy for lots of the users of OST. Thanks for listening.
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