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Examples of irritation:
Surely not every column in the portfolio table is equally important. By slamming in every conceivable number you've effectively made it a wall-'o-text, which is just useless to quickly read. Use text colouring/boldness/background colouring to highlight the ones we use to make decisions. Or, y'know, take numbers out until people can see within two seconds what the actionable info is.

The arrows suck. If I'm short, and I'm making money, I have red arrows. Why show me red arrows when the values are good? Red means bad. Green good. Show me green when I have more green.

The most important stuff to me are my numbers. Why do you put them below all your "special announcements", which mostly don't reflect my portfolio? And the top gainers and losers, which also don't, and your upcoming courses/presentations, which also don't, and fricken headlines, which surprisingly also don't. Why is all that junk front-and-center? If something's really important, it also gets lost because those "important!" tables are always there. If it's always there, it's not important.

Once you get past that, the most significant values on the page are obviously all your shaded headings. The numbers must be irrelevant, because they're almost hidden under all the ugly bling you've covered the page in. Just because browsers can do horrendous blue bling gradients doesn't mean my finance page is the place to show me it. It's the equivalent of the "blink" or "marquee" tags in Netscape. Google them, they died for a reason. Use it subtly, or don't use it. Hint: the content is more important than your blue headings. Highlight the content.

And you don't need to put both my name, phone number and email address at the top, on the left, and then my initials and name on the right hand side. I usually have a good idea of who I am before logging onto the site, and I don't need multiple places on the screen to confirm that I'm still me.
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Indeed a mess. Back to the primitive times where you have to keep a calculator handy in order to make sense.
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Very well said, I totally agree! Very hard to see the important numbers now.
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The new layout is so cluttered and confusing, you cannot see the wood for the trees. And then there are so many erroneous items" High and Low prices wrong for individual shares, each day repeated twice under Price History, the quotes bank has been wrong for weeks, under Market View clicking on some articles downloads gobbledygook, under the same banner -directors dealings is blank and so on and so forth....................... I have also received several Trading Alerts via email. I assume they were price alerts but they were blank. I have phoned in my concerns and was told such would be passed on. After it took them a month to correct the FTSE price, I am not feeling confident about this platform right now. Something or someone needs to be shaken up at OST.
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Klapka...the only way is if YOU realise that you have the power. There should be no need to beg and plead with people to do anything. I have been SBK customer for 26 years (banking). When the scales were lifted from my eyes by travelling to the US and opeing an account there I became angry but i didnt do anything. Then when an alternative came along in SA with better service and value I approched SBK and said "if you cant match this i will change"...they said sorry we cant - the other banks are just buying market share and as your personal banker we have built up trust etc etc.. Then when I moved my funds i received pleading calls with all kinds of new wonderful offers..
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I am not anti change but must agree that the new layout is cluttered and hard to read. The old format was cleaner and the important stuff was easier to see. What I find very frustrating is that if you scroll down the page you loose the headings so I find I dont know what I am looking at (as the Columns have shifted around in the new format)Is it not possible to repeat the headings after every say 10 shares?This would also help to break up the page a bit and make it easier to read.Surely someone at OST must be taking all the complaints and suggestions into account?
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