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Protech Khuthele

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When will this share start to show some positive upward movement? Been holding on to this share for quite a while now. Dropping some more today. Fundamentals are good the oder book for 2010 looks decent so surely it needs to show some recovery. Any views out there on PKH??
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factitiously probably after your wits have ended and you sell out will it turn. Murphy and his mates like hanging around for this type of laugh.....TA wise could be a while still. RSI and STO down, Momentum not showing signs of up trend etc etc.
May i ask why you decided to get into it?
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So True... Got in on advise from a friend who knows one of the directors but quite a while back. Regretting it now because now playing the waiting game just to recover some of my losses and having to watch other shares take off.
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Not only PKH, but a whole tipper truckload of construction shares have taken a similar beating over the last 2 months or so (MUR, BSR, WBO etc.) While the press has given the Construction sector a really hard time(World Cup spend ending, Dubai etc.), these guys are in severe oversold territory on Stochastics and one can't help but think there is a good trading opportunity lurking around the corner (eventually...). Tough call if you're already in though!
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