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Reeling from the effects of the last 2 months

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OK, let me risk starting up the ol' trader vs investor debate -- again -- There are those out there who seem to think that you have to do one or the other. I have plenty of investments, ranging from property, pensions, ra's, offshore portfolios and a couple of company's who fit my single share risk comfort zones. I trade because I enjoy it, I see it as a challenge in reading market psychology and trying to get on top of it. In our professional careers, we are taught to think in absolutes, right or wrong, win or lose. In trading, you have to think in percentages, to take the knocks on the chin and make sure that you are winning more often than you are losing. Sure, it borders on gambling, but any fool that pins his hopes on three cherries lining up in a row, or hitting a full house AND hoping that his openent hit something a litte less, is a fool who will be parted with his money. A trader looks for scenarios that he or she can predict with reasonable levels of certainty, and a couple of lines on a chart, IMO are not sufficient for this.
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