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Am curious to know what share software is being used by Forumites. I am constantly restless in case there is a program out there which I dont know about which is excellent and not too expensive. Would be really interested to find out what others use, how good, and what costs. I am using VectorVest. An excellent programme with fundamentals and technicals. You get 2 subscriptions of your choice RSA, plus US or UK,AUS, or Canada etc. Excellent training and weekly webinars on Trading/ Investing strategy. Costs $59 per month software and daily updates.No up front charge. Web based. Have also used Metastock - excellent technicals , no fundamentals.Have to write some of your own searches. Not good if you are IT illiterate like me. Cost about R6000 for software and R175 per month daily download. Have also used PSG's WEN Professional - no charge for the software, about R175 per month for the daily downloads. A very good basic programme.Some fundamentals - DY,EY etc, Share Magic: looked at the demo and was disappointed.Thought it was expensive for what it offered - about R5000 for the advanced version . Others??
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Well it probably depends on what you are looking for. I use easy trader. Some things do get a bit annoying but it works for my purposes.
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I am an investor not a trader although I do sell for profit to rearrange my prtfolio>I must confess I am not a fan of the software offerred as I find the software and data made available by this on line broker enough for my needs which are pretty simple and follows the kiss principle.
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