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Silver as an investment?

Occasional Contributor
Hi all New here, I have the following questions: How does one invest in physical silver in SA? Is there anyone on the forum owning physical silver? What is your opinion on storing value in silver instead of cash?
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Super Contributor
When Gangsters and rap artist trade in their huge gold chains for silver ones. You will know its time to start buying Silver untill then.....
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there's a lady at the rosebank market who seels silver - by the bracelet ??
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I have some silver bullion, certainly the roi seems to be much higher than gold. I haven't sold any of it yet, as my bullion is for long term hold. So I can't say I've tested the roi out yet. Bullion is the only viable option I've seen so far, and the best place to buy would be at a trade market. Find out from the mint when the next trade market is on, it's usually annually at about this time of the year.
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