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SimonPB - Simons Lazy Share Trading Programme (or whatever it is called)

Hi Simon... I attended one of your presentations on the Lazy Share Trading formula (or whatever you have called it), and i have a question. You use the Secondary (Short Term) and Primary (Long Term) trends to decide when to buy. In your presentation you made use of a 15 day EMA (Short) and 30,45,60 day EMA (Long). This is great and makes sense, but what if you are trying to take advantage of a short term drop in share price, that you expect to see increase to it's old levels in the reletively short term (e.g. FOS). If i use a 15 day (short term) and 30 day (Long term) measure, the two will probably only intersect when the share is back at it's old level. Is there merit in using a shorter time frame for short term fluctuations? (e.g. 5 and 15 days vs. 15 and 30 days)? And why have you chosen 15 and 30 days? Let me know... Regards Werner
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well this is just one system, there are a billion different ways to trade a product. This was specially designed for indices over a couple of weeks/months to try and get max returns from a good trend in a market.
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