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Slowest trading platform around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I cannot trade in these circumstances. I place my trade to match and the................ it takes too long and my trade is 5c behind again. Trying to cancel a trade is an even worse. Everything is in slo-mo except the market. This site only works when theres no big volumes traded. As soon as the volumes go thru, everything is tacky. SFM apologizes, but that doesnt make anything any better. Please get it right and stop making excuses!!!
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I agree it's not as fast as it was. I talking about the pages loading. I have ADSL. It would be to frustrating to use with dial up. Possibly it's a sign of the number of people signing up vs bandwidth they have available. Still it's a very useful site.
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Call the market maker when u want to trade, ask them to hedge u at their bid or offer and then do the electronic for me, had the same problem as u...especially with waves. Good luck.
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