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Stop Loss

Occasional Contributor
I have received an SMS from SFM today 'Your stop loss has failed to trigger for XXX. Please visit our website for details.' This is reason for concern. Since the share price closed above my trigger price, there must have been buyers later during the day. Has this ever happend to any one else? How often does this happen? How safe is it to rely on a preset stop loss on the SFM website? What are the possible reasons for the failing of this triggers? Where on the website is the details?
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To me many,many times,actually more than i care to remember!My tuppence worth is set an alert,have sent to your cell.There are clever buyers out there that especially with warrants set a price 15% or more below the ruling price and when there is a lull in trading the warrant might for a few moments reverse spike down to your stop-loss before reverting back to the former ruling price.Now to have your revenge set your buying price lower than the ruling price.
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Sorry i mis- read your query,yes this also happens,this is not SFM's fault.The fall might be so rapid that it goes right past the stop-loss ,that is why they inform u of it.I usualy place a fixed stop-loss below my trailing stop-loss when i use it which is rarely,see first part of my reply.
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Yeah like what happened to me. Some fool sold his TOPSBO for 33 triggering my stop and the scum sucking greedy [email protected]#$!! sold @ 43.someone bought 140000 TOPSBO @33 for R56100 & could have sold it @ 43 making R60200 and a nice profit of R4100 for a couple of minutes devious work.
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See my reply to stopp loss sucks. Stop losses does not work for warrant trading or any TWO settings on a warrant/share/whatever (e g sell when warrant hit 40c (stop-loss) OR sell when warrant hit 60c (profit). OST cancels your stop-loss automatically!
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Many, many times with the result that I do not believe it is worth placing a trailing stoploss. One cannot cancel the stoploss with the result that your item is sold at a loss when the market in that specific item is rising.
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