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Stop loss trigger vs. lowest price?

Regular Contributor
Is it possible to miss a stop loss on a SOL future with a spread of 50 between trigger price and limit? Had a future contract trigger at 31900 and limit at 31850 (perhaps shouldn't have had!). Stop loss page indicates successful trigger but futures status have it as 'pending'. Could the order have gone through with a later update? Sorry if stupid question - us Namibians cannot attend training courses and books are even harder to come by!
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Regular Contributor
Ok - Just a delay in the advice of the transction. Think it was a bad move - will I ever get back in at a lower price???
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On a share price of 32000 a difference between Stop Loss trigger and a limit of only 50 is way to close. If the share drops below your Stop Loss trigger of say 31900, and the nearest bid is at 31800, but your limit is 31850, then you will miss your Stop Loss and the deal will not go through. The share can drop to 1c and your Stop Loss will never go through, because your limit was too close. Currently you are willing to sell your shares at 31850, but there are no buyers for that price. That is probably the reason why you see an open futures trade status, but no deal. Hope it makes sense.
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