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Yes DZ if your a long term trader but why wait 2 years for 50% growth when you could easily have got that this year if you had chosen the right sector eg most construction shares 70% and above ACL 52% BHP 55% Kio above 60% and the list goes on, i still stand by what i said pick the right sector to start off with and the battle is half won, pick the wrong sector and its a loooong waiting game.omo
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you are absolutly correct. This is why I am always bad mouthing anybody who trades gold shares. Its not that you might make money but it tells me that you are not doing the pick shares in a bull market( primary trend is the first step in any TA)
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John I have to once again disagree with you...there is a place for gold stocks in a portfolio....esp if you are technical trader (if you were anything else you would stay away from them)...because the price action around the golds is speculative (at least I think it more so that other counters) this makes the gold stocks behave according to very typical technical patterns...(look at the HAR price action recently). If you cant trade the golds you need to stick to "investment buying".....unfortunately there is a paucity of these just when they should be out there buying with vigor....which once again indicates just how few people think they are investors when they are actually traders...
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