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The penny drops...

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So... when the numbers come out and are bad, markets go up. When numbers are good, markets go down. Its all about QE.... please don't take away our drugs! So lets see some good US jobs numbers, and watch the markets fall. I believe its confirmed, we live in a sick world.
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Not really a sick world as long as you understand that we are currently in the epoch of the central bankers because they are the ones with their fingertips on the print buttons. Therefore, they the ones that are moving the markets and o/seas participants exit the dollar or flee back into the dollar depending on what they say.Unprecedented, sure. Where is it going to lead? Who knows. This is an experiment of mega proportions. In terms of individual stocks, perceptions and results still the drivers but all not uniformly affected by central bank manouvres. Just be aware which ones may be most affected and act accordingly.
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Totally agree with you Wino, an experiment indeed.
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