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Time diversification by Franco Busetti

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Great Investment Picture #4 .. Time diversification by Franco Busetti ..
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Great read Simon.Should diversification be the third best friend?I was also interested in point 11 "time required to distinguish between luck and skill in a manager is measured in years if not decades". Surely we amateurs with day jobs are trying our luck with the stock market since it will take centuries for us to get the skills if the stock market is only part time.....
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As a trader, time diversification has a separate meaning for me. i have come to the realization in trading that there are times for quick in and outs, and there are times when it is better to hold out for longer periods. So now I run two portfolios. In my first portfolio, I trade as if I am in range bound markets. In my second, i trade as if in a bull market. My big problem though, is that I only have a single position in the latter!!! grrnnngh!
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I do the same: A bullish portfolio (on another vastly inferior platform where you can't do quick trades...) with shares from 2 weeks (e.g.div stripping) to forever. Two OST accs where I throw money away trying to get into the surviving 20 percent of traders...
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