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To Simon can this be done.

Super Contributor
When using a SSF stop loss you have to use the ssf price which makes it quite difficult to work out what the underlying price should be is it not possible to actually change that to use the underlying share price and if that is not possible then how about linking the SSF Matrix on the SSF stop loss page any other ideas from the forum? Thanks.
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I was thinking of the exact same thing there. Good point made there.
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Had the same problem what i do is to open the matrix first which loads in a seperate window then i go to stop loss page and look up ssf price/underlying from matrix. works quite well however agree that easiest will be to place a stop using the underlying price.
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Yes divz, follows your method too- works quite well Was busy setting a Stop Loss for EXX the other week when it was trading at 9850c, to be at 9800c when I was fed up taking Losses,from 10200c then with the time taken to look these up SSF Matrix from Underlying and convert and set stop Loss I keep on having to refresh my trading page and eventually when it reached 9780c that morning I thought I have enough money to prevent Auto-close and it WILL go up didn't bother to set Stop Loss Guess what it went up to 11000c 4 days later and doubled my money, from where I would have been had it closed out on Stop loss level, had it been reached...glitches comes in handy Don't set stop loss unless u really have tooo..and u think the market will plunge further with rather good certainty !! Good luck trading buddies
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