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Top boxes.

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Get the jump on the rest of the televison veiwing public and find out everything u should know to receive TV1,2 and three and any other free channels u receive. The whole process will take effect early next year. A very informative easily understood brochure has is available
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Now i hope the government will subsidise the very poorest in our society and with a cost of R400 to R 700 per box i hope independant merchants won't add more than 33.3% or hopefully less,or am i naieve?....Towards year end next year new television sets will probably have the box incorporated,so perhaps not the time to go out and buy a new one now?....Anyways it will probably be the end of cheap no name tvs as who will want to buy if they have to still add a box?
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Well as always africa will find an ingenious way to bypass the need for a system of this nature. one box per TV - yea right...get your house wiring correct and you plug the set into the TV distribution wiring before it hits the tv and feed all other TV's of the front end connection. Much Like DSTV at the moment....
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