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Trading 101: Buy Low, Sell High. ( not sell low !)

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I am an amateur at this, yet I am amazed at how many sheep there are in the market. A loss is only a loss if you sell it at the low price. With this drop, I only wish I had more money avaialble to buy more shares. History has shown us that shares in general will climb again. Now is the time to be buying the right shares. Any comments on what the right shares are in the crazy flock?
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It depends on your time frame i.e. trader or invetor
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[email protected], well sure but that's investing 101. Also it could take a long long time and that'll require courage of your convictions. Lastly, soemtimes shares tarde at stupid prices and even a quality comapny may move up to such insane levels that it'll be a life time plus before they reatain thos elevels. But if you take the buffet approach, but quality when it's cheap - then sure thing.
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As a long term investor I agree buy a good share on bad news is the way to go and there are some interesting shares at prices that are looking attractive-psg,investec,rmb-in fact most of the financials are looking attractive on fundamentals because of sub prime,emerging market jitters and maybe the Zuma factor-but noe and hang on for a few years and I agree it will be a good bet.Traders will however look at this differently-is this a correction or is the bull dead-who knows?
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Buy MTX, MRF and IMPLATS futures they will go up loads over the next year until 2009, 14 Jan
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Yes a loss is only a loss if you sell but when you trade futures its a different story, because if you run out of cash its all over my friend so ya if your holding shares ok if your holding a long or short possition using ssf well it could have a different ending.
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